weekly newsletter of the Yemeni embassy in Berlin 18.8.2019


Hadi meets Saudi king, crown prince

President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi discussed in separate meetings with Saudi king Salman bin Abdulaziz and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman the latest developments in Yemen including the coup and takeover of government institutions in Aden by militias of the southern transitional council.

The king and crown prince reiterated firm Saudi support to Yemen’s government and unity and refusal to actions that affect security and stability of Yemen and threaten Yemen’s social fabric.

Coalition: STC should withdraw

The pro-government Arab coalition called on all military formations of the southern transitional council and the security belts to immediately come back to their positions, withdraw from positions they took over in Aden and not to harm public and private institutions.

Spokesperson for the coalition Colonel Turki Al-Maliki said the joint leadership of the coalition forces had asked for ceasing fire immediately in the interim capital of Aden.

„The joint leadership of the coalition will use force against violators,“ he added.

Government orders not to deal with illegal bodies

Prime minister Maeen Abdulmalik ordered ministers in his government, governors of cities and directors of public services not to take instructions and orders from unconstitutional bodies including orders of appointments in public services.

Separately, the foreign ministry suspended its operations in the interim capital of Aden after the armed coup by what is called the southern transitional council, pointing out that it will resume activities after the situation returns to normal in Aden.

Foreign ministry welcomes US Yemen statements

The foreign ministry welcomed positive statements by the US department of state over the rebellion which was carried out by the southern transitional council in the interim capital Aden. The US department of state said the rebellion is serving strategic threats posed by the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

In a statement carried by the Yemeni news agency Saba, the ministry expressed its appreciation for the US firm stance supporting Yemen’s security, stability, unity and legitimate and internationally recognised government.

Al-Eryani: government will face coup in Aden like it faced coup in Sana’a

Information minister Muammar Al-Erynai said the government will bear its constitutional and legal job to face any attempts targeting the state, adding that as the government faced the Iran-backed militias, it will face any illegal military and security formations in other parts of the country.

What happened in Aden was not only a coup against the legitimacy, a threat to the social factor and an attack on the national project, but also impacts the Arab resistance to Iranian projects aimed at destabilising the region through the Iranian Houthi tool, he said.


Militia denies entry of aid convoy to Al-Durayhimi

The Iran-backed Houthi coup militia denied entry of an aid convoy to the district of Al-Durayhimi in south of Hodeida province.

Local sources said the militia prevented the aid convoy which was prepared by the World Food Programme from reaching needy people in the district as it continued to breach a humanitarian ceasefire in the province.

Militia continues to shell residential areas

Two girl children and a young man were injured by Houthi snipers and mortar attacks in the district of Hays in south of Hodeidah province.

The militia continued to shell residential areas in the districts of Al-Tuhyata, Al-Durayhimi and Hays with heavy weapons, causing damage to houses and terrorising families.

Militia blocks vaccination campaigns in Sana’a

Medical sources said the Houthi militia blocked a vaccination campaign against diphtheria on its fourth day in the capital Sana’a last week and urged people not to vaccinate their children claiming vaccination will negatively affect health of children.

The militia harassed vaccination teams and closed a number of vaccination centres in many parts of the capital, the sources said.

Camp for flood-affected people in Khoukha

The King Salman humanitarian aid and relief centre distributed 257 tents for people who were affected by rain floods in the district of Khoukha in Hodeida province.