Embassy of the Republic of Yemen Berlin Weekly Media Summary May , 04 , 2020

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen


Weekly Media Summary

May , 04 , 2020


President of the Republic emphasizes the importance of unity

President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi stressed the importance of uniting the ranks, controlling the conditions in the governorate of Socotra Archipelago, establishing security, stability and peace, preserving public tranquility, and protecting state institutions and public and private property.

During a phone call with the governor of Socotra Archipelago, Ramzi Mahrous, the President praised the efforts and role of the people of the governorate and their cooperation with the military and security leaders and representatives of the forces of the coalition to support legitimacy stationed on the island to establish security and stability. He stressed the importance of unity and reunification of the people of the homeland.   

The government emphasizes taking all measures to confront Corona

Yemen’s supreme national emergency committee for COVID-19 confirmed in its meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Moeen Abdul Malek, that the government and its specialized bodies are making exceptional efforts to take all necessary measures to protect all citizens across Yemen from this epidemic that is sweeping the world.

The committee warned of the seriousness and repercussions of disrupting the work of state institutions and agencies in the interim capital of Aden due to the coup announcement of the transitional council. It also warned of limiting the ability of the state institutions to carry out their functions in this difficult circumstance. The committee stressed what was stated in the government’s statement concerning the importance of implementing the Riyadh agreement, in addition to the need for Houthi militia to comply with the international calls to unite efforts to confront this pandemic.

The Security Council affirms its commitment to the unity of Yemen

Security Council members expressed their grave concern over the announcement of the so-called Southern Transitional Council that was issued on April 25.

The Council reaffirmed its strong commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen, and called for the speedy implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

The members expressed concern that the actions of the Southern Transitional Council may divert attention from the efforts of Special Envoy Martin Griffiths to secure a national ceasefire, confidence-building measures and the resumption of a comprehensive Yemeni political process.

Al-Eryani: Houthi militias will face the fate of Hezbollah

Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani said that the Houthi militia would face the fate of the Lebanese Hezbollah in its classification as a terrorist organization.

He stressed that the Houthi militia’s insistence on acting as an Iranian tool to disturb the security and stability of Yemen, targeting neighboring countries, threatening international navigation in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab, and its lack of commitment to peace and international decisions related to the Yemeni crisis will soon expose it to the fate of Lebanese Hezbollah which was classified internationally s a terrorist organization.



The number of infections with the Corona virus rose to 10 cases

The government emergency committee announced the registration of three new infections with the new Corona virus in the cities of Aden and Taiz, bringing the number of confirmed cases to ten cases, of which two died and one recovered

In a new announcement, the Emergency Committee stated that it had registered 3 new confirmed cases of Corona virus infections, two of which were in the interim capital of Aden, and the third in Taiz governorate, for one of those in contact with the announced infection case.

The committee affirmed that the cases are stable and receive care, and that the monitoring teams have identified those in contact with the cases and the necessary preventive measures have been taken.

One case in Al-Shahr directorate, Hadramout governorate, had recovered, while two cases had died in Aden.

The government warns against politicizing the Corona pandemic

Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani warned against the politicization of the new Corona epidemic by the Iranian backed Houthi militia, and of its concealment of the number of cases in its areas of control.

The Minister of Information said, “The Houthi militia conceals the number of infections with the Corona virus and exerts pressure on medical staffs in Sana’s hospitals and the areas under its control, for not publishing the facts and forces them to diagnose the cases as infections with other viruses.”