Weekly Media Summary 31-8-2020

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen


Weekly Media Summary


  • Govt committed to facilitate oil imports despite Houthi violations:

The Yemeni Government said it was committed to facilitate the import of oil products through the Houthi rebels-controlled Seaport of Hodeidah despite the rebel militia’s violations of an import mechanism previously agreed upon with the office of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen.

The Houthi militia had confiscated oil revenues worth YR 40 billion from a Hodeidah Central Bank account meant to pay the salaries of civil servicemen all over Yemen.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said today that “Although the Houthis still control the bank account, the Government is working to admit new oil shipments to Hodeidah Seaport to prevent an oil crisis that may complicate the suffering of the Yemenis especially in these delicate circumstances.”

The ministry said the government offered an initiative on August 26 to resume allowing oil shipments in via the seaport provided that the revenues are deposited in a new independent account away from the control of the militia such that the funds are only spent after an agreement on how to spend the funds is reached.

  • Parliament Speaker discusses with UN envoy latest developments in Yemen

Parliament Speaker Sultan al-Barakani discussed Friday with the UN envoy to Yemen latest developments, efforts of the political solution and realizing just and inclusive peace in Yemen.

In the meeting held through video conference technology, al-Barakani touched upon Houthi aggressions and violations and latest military escalations against Marib, the last attack took place yesterday by directing a rocket on a mosque in the city, killing and injuring dozens of worshipers.

Al-Barakani confirmed that Houthis do not want peace as they hindered many agreements and have not committed to any initiatives and today they are blackmailing the world by neglecting Safir Oil Tanker, which poses environmental disaster if it explodes or leaks, and their attacks on Marib.

He criticized the international negligence in taking serious actions towards Houthi militia’s terrorist acts saying:” Despite all repeated Houthi violations, the international community and the UN envoy have not played the responsible role to stop Houthi militia’s stubbornness and still neglect Houthi terrorist practices, which hinder all peace efforts.”

He confirmed that the legitimacy’s patience has been tried out and today it is facing huge international pressure to freeze or cancelling Stockholm Agreement, pointing to concessions made by the government for implementation peace choices.

The Parliament Speaker called upon the UN envoy to deal positively with all concessions made by the government for realizing peace in Yemen and define, denouncing the party hindering peace and disclosing its name to local and international public opinion.

For his part, the UN envoy expressed hope of finalizing steps for implementing Riyadh Agreement, praising Saudi role for reaching to the agreement and implementing it, confirming that the UN follows up these steps actively.

The UN works responsibly to avoid all humanitarian disastrous in Yemen, stopping the war and realizing peace, said UN envoy.

He confirmed continuation of his meetings with all parties, experts, specialized and interested people for coming out with final formula for announcing joint declaration, praising government’s positive and its active role and cooperation for reaching to peace process.

He also confirmed keenness of the UN for reaching to imminent ceasefire, sopping bloodshed and ending Safir Oil Tanker issue.

  • Shocked by the UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths’ description of his talks with an Iranian official as “constructive,” Yemen’s Information Minister said the remarks ignore “Iran’s role in sabotaging Yemen.”

Eryani’s comment comes after Griffiths said in a tweet that he had “had a very constructive meeting today with Senior Assistant to Iran ‘s FM Ali Asghar Khaji.”

Eryani said the remarks “ignore Iran’s role in sabotaging Yemen, in turning the country to a launch pad to target the countries of the region and the international shipping and in wreaking the human and material havoc” it has wreaked.

Eryani said Griffiths even ignored recent UN confirmation that Iranian arms were used in four terror attacks on Saudi Arabia and recent US seizure of an Iranian arms shipment while it was in the Arabian Sea en route to the Houthis.

  • SPDRY, Marib Girls Foundation sign women empowerment memo:

The Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen (SPDRY) signed a memorandum of joint cooperation with Marib Girls Foundation to support the foundation empower women economically through the “Saba Project for the Economic Empowerment of Yemeni Women.

SPDRY’s General Supervisor, the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, signed the pact with the foundation’s president, Yasmine Ali Al-Qadi.

Al Jaber made clear that the project is the first SPDRY signs with a Yemeni woman-led development institution particularly responsible for economic empowerment of women and youth.

The President of the Foundation appreciated the support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen, indicating that this cooperation aims to serve the economy of women and enhance their presence in society by supporting emerging projects and qualifying women to establish free projects, in addition to highlighting women’s talents and honoring women leaders.

The project includes the establishment of an incubator for the economic empowerment of Yemeni women in the governorate.