Government signs MOU with Siemens Company to improve electricity in Yemen

Government of Yemen represented by Minister of Electricity and Energy Anwar Kalshat and Minister of Oil and Minerals Abdulsalam Baoboud signed Tuesday here Memo of Understanding with Siemens Energy Company represented by Executive Director Chrisitan Bruch.

The memo aims at creating sustainable development in field of electricity and energy and creating future partnership between the government of Yemen and the company.

Minister Kalshat confirmed keenness of the political leadership and the government of partnership with Siemens Company to develop power sector in Yemen and confirmed significance of the memo to make roadmap to contribute in realizing sustainable development in field of electricity through constructing power stations operated by gas and find diverse power sources like generating electricity through renewable energy.

Minister Kalshat also confirmed significance of constructing transport lines between provinces to establish national network, improving distribution networks and conducting maintenance work to existing stations.

Meanwhile, Oil Minister Baobood praised the role of the company in field of energy in a number of countries, expecting that the work with Siemens will create positive results in making studies needed for key projects.

For his part, Bruch said that signing the memo of understanding is a real beginning to partnership between the two parties, confirming that they will focus in the first phase on sustainable solutions to power sector.

He pointed out that the joint committees, which will be formed from the two parties, will work on updating the suggested roadmap and commencing work on preparing studies to the most important projects to be agreed upon later.