Weekly Media Summary Aug , 25 , 2019


Defense ministry says Ataq cleared of STC’s militias

The army and security forces repelled an assault on civil, military and security institutions in the capital city of Shabwa, Ataq, as the militias of the so-called southern transitional council continued their armed rebellion which they started in Aden and Abyan, the defense ministry said in a statement.

The local authorities did their best to avoid violence responding to calls for de-escalation led by Saudi Arabia, but the militias continued to mobilize and escalate militarily, the statement said, adding that the authorities, according to their constitutional duties, have faced rebellion in the past two days and controlled the whole city of Ataq after clearing all state institutions and military camps of the militias.

The ministry said it has noticed increasing mobilization efforts, including weapons and medium and heavy battle vehicles that have apparently come within UAE logistical, military and financial support to the non-state militias despite calls of the legitimate government through the foreign ministry and Yemen’s speech to the latest meeting of the United Nations Security Council for ending support to these militias because it is posing a threat to Yemen’s unity and stability.

We, the armed forces, affirm that will face firmly and in accordance with our national duties this rebellion which has no national basis and does not serve the interest of the country or the Arab coalition which has intervened militarily to restore the legitimacy and maintain Yemen’s unity and the integrity of its land, the statement said.

Extraordinary meeting of state leaders

President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi ordered the government in an extraordinary meeting with the state leaders to continue meetings and address the impacts of the coup which was carried out by militias of the so-called southern transitional council and to face bids affecting the efforts aimed at combating the Iranian threat represented by the Houthi militias.

The meeting stressed the importance of following up what has been agreed with Saudi Arabia, which is leading the pro-government Arab coalition, to end the coup through withdrawal of militias from all state institutions and military camps as a prelude for the return of the legitimate forces to their positions in the interim capital of Aden and the government to work from inside the country.

Premier orders to take all necessary measures to preserve security in Shabwa

Prime minister Maeen Abdulmalik ordered the local, executive authorities and military and security leaders in Shabwa province to take all necessary measures to preserve security, stability and safety of citizens in the province and to address impacts of the failed attempt of the armed militias of the so-called southern transitional council to take Ataq city by force.

In a telephone call, he was assured by the local authorities about the situation in the province after the army and security forced with public support succeeded in ending the rebellion attempt.

Government blames UAE for rebellion in Aden

The council of ministers held an extraordinary meeting chaired by prime minister Maeen Abdulmalik and discussed the latest developments after the armed rebellion by militias of the so-called southern transitional council in Aden.

It affirmed it will end the rebellion with all constitutional and legal means and return the situation to normal in the interim capital of Aden, holding the United Arab Emirates fully responsible for the armed rebellion and its consequences.

On the other hand, the UN permanent representative to the United Nations Abdullah Al-Saadi told a meeting of the UN Security Council on Yemen that what happened in Aden was an armed rebellion against the legitimate government by the so-called southern transitional council and security belt forces loyal to it with financial, logistic and information support from the United Arab Emirates.


Violations against the press in Aden condemned

The Yemeni journalists syndicate voiced its growing concern over harassment and violations against the press in the interim capital of Aden following latest developments.

It received a report the house of journalist of the 14th October Newspaper Ali Saleh Al-Eisi who is currently outside Yemen had been stormed and his properties and documents destroyed by gunmen and another report gunmen loyal to the southern transitional council hunted journalist Ahmed Mahir in connection with his views and writings, it said in a statement.

Militia destroys highway between Al-Tuhayta and Zabid

The Iran-backed Houthi militia destroyed large parts of the highway linking the districts of Al-Tuhayta and Zabid in Hodeida province.

It used mines, explosives and bulldozers to destroy the road, local sources said.

Red Sea Mills attacked by militia again

The Iran-backed Houthi militia launched mortar attacks on the Red Sea Mills in the western province of Hodeida again.

Parts of the mills burned and suffered huge damage as a result of the attacks, local sources said.

Militia commits 2.726 violations in Sana’a

A report by the Shooed human rights organisation revealed that the Houthi militia committed 2.726 human rights violations across the province of Sana’a in the first half of this year.

 The violations were as follows: 19 deliberate killings, 29 injuries, 266 abductions, 110 forced disappearances and torture cases, recruitment of 162 children, 238 cases of threats and terrorising families and children during storming houses and 789 forced displacements.

More than 400K vaccinated against cholera

The World Health Organisation said that more than 400,000people including almost 65,000 children under the age of five have been vaccinated against cholera in Aden, Dhaleand Taiz, where high numbers of suspected cholera and acute watery diarrhoea cases have been recorded.

“Amid the fighting in surrounding areas, over 800 health workers, brave men and women, risked their lives to reach communities from cholera,” said Altaf Musani, WHO Representative in Yemen.