Embassy of the Republic of Yemen Berlin Weekly Media Summary Mar , 23 , 2020

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen


Weekly Media Summary

Mar , 23 , 2020

Weekly Media Summary

Mar , 23 , 2020

In the field

Restoring all sites in Sarwah

With the support of coalition fighters, the national army forces restored all the sites that Al Houthi militia had infiltrated in Sarwah and Al-Mashbah fronts, and inflicted heavy losses of lives and equipment on the militia.

Military sources said that the army forces, led by Brigadier Thiab Al-Qebli, commander of the 134th Brigade, were able to liberate all the sites, secure the Kofel camp completely, and advance to the vicinity of Sarwah market, the center of the directorate.

In addition, the coalition fighters targeted positions and gatherings of Al Houthi militia at the outskirts of Salb mountain chain in Nahm directorate in Sanaa governorate. It also targeted an attempt by Al Houthi militia to attack Magzar directorate in Marib governorate.

Liberating sites in Al Bayda

National Army forces liberated sites at Qaniya front, in Al Bayda governorate, from Al Houthi militia.

Brigade Commander of the 117th Brigade, Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Naqah, said that the army forces were able to liberate the sites of “Al Tebab and Al Sawd”, “Al Mukhabbi” and “Al Kheraba”, in Al Yasbel region, and they were continuing their progress in the meantime, amid breakdowns among Al Houthi militia.

The army targets the militia in Al-Jawf

A number of Houthi militia members were killed after the national army forces lured them in the Khub Al-Shaaf directorate north of Al-Jawf.

A military source explained that the militia was lured at Sabreen front, and led to killing a number of militia members and arresting of others.


Prime Minister: Marib is a model of stability

The Prime Minister, Dr. Moeen Abdulmalek, stressed the necessity of strengthening efforts in Marib governorate to continue its role as a model for stability, economic recovery, resilience in the face of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup, and thwarting the plans that are being prepared against it.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Marib governorate was the first to break the arrogance of the Houthi militias and triumph for the republican system thanks to the solidarity of the efforts of its tribes and their alignment with the constitutional legitimacy led by President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic.

During a phone call between the Prime Minister and the governor of Marib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, the former was briefed on the developments of the situation and the efforts of the local and executive authority leadership in the developmental and service aspects, providing care for the displaced in the governorate, and the existing coordination with international organizations in this field, and the required needs.

Prime Minister discusses confronting Corona

The Prime Minster discussed with the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, the cooperation between Yemen and the organization to enhance the capabilities of implementing preventive and precautionary measures to reduce the risk of Corona virus. They also discussed the support required by the World Health Organization, including supporting the establishment of more isolation and quarantine centers, providing the necessary medical supplies for testing and participating in the awareness aspects.

Foreign Ministry welcomes proposal to release prisoners

The government welcomed the call by international envoy Martin Griffiths to release all prisoners as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic and ordered the international organizations to suspend training activities throughout the country for the same reasons.

Foreign Minister Mohamed Al-Hadrami said that the government welcomes the call made by the envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and stressed that the proposal is what it has sought, considering it a purely humanitarian step. The Foreign Minister renewed the call to implement what was agreed upon at the last meeting of the Prisoners and Detainees team in Jordan without delay or conditions. He said that the government was ready if there was a real intention on the part of the Houthis.

In the same context, the government called the international organizations to stop their training activities in the country, fearing from the spread of Corona virus.

Government: Militias take advantage of international laxity

In the strongest terms, the government condemned the Houthi militia’s continued bloody massacres against civilians, the latest of which was a crime, targeting the eastern airport neighborhood in Marib with a ballistic missile, killing one citizen, wounding four others, and causing major damage to homes.

A government source confirmed that the militia is taking advantage of international laxity in deterring these crimes by intensifying its terrorist operations against civilians, military escalation and eliminating all opportunities for a political solution to serve Iran’s agendas and its project to blackmail the international community.


El-Iryani condemns restrictions on population

Information Minister Muammar El-Iryani warned against the exploitation of the Houthi militia of the fears of the spread of Corona virus to impose further restrictions on citizens, and to settle its accounts with those who reject its plan. He also warned that the militia might impose more restrictions on the liberated governorates, in the forefront of which Taiz governorate, adding that the militia already strengthened its siege on Taiz under the pretext of precautionary measures.

El-Iryani mentioned that Iran’s mercenaries are using the Corona virus and the precautionary measures to confront it as a justification for the implementation of their martial law on citizens, tightening their security grip, restricting freedoms, restricting the movement of civilians between the governorates, and turning their areas of control into a large prison.  

Medical aid to face Corona outbreak

The King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Works has provided health aid, including medicines, preventive and curative medical supplies worth $ 3.5 million, to face the Corona epidemic.

The Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Nasser Baoum, said that the King Salman Center will send rapid inspection devices to facilitate the work of medical teams in the quarantine centers.

A worker killed in an industrial complex attached by militia

A worker was killed and two other were injured in an industrial and commercial complex attacked by Houthi artillery shelling in Hodaiadh city.

Military sources stated that the worker was killed inside the Thabet Brothers industrial and commercial complex, while two other workers were injured by artillery shelling by the Houthi militia, as part of the militia’s breaches.

According to the sources, the medical teams transferred the victims for treatment in the field hospital in Al-Drahamy, but one of them -Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Marwai- died as a result of a severe head injury.

Two children wounded by militia shelling 

Two children were wounded by shelling by the Houthi militia, which targeted the homes of citizens in the villages of Qania, in Al-Bayda governorate.

Local sources said, Houthi militia shelled with artillery and mortar shells the homes of residents of the Qania area, which resulted in the injury of the two children (Khaled Mohamed Ali Al Hajj 10 years old, and Tark Dhaif Allah Ali Al Hajj 15 years old), in addition to severe damages to several homes.