weekly Newsletter of the Yemeni Embassy in Berlin 29.6.2020

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen


Weekly Media Summary

June , 29 , 2020

In the field

Thirteen Houthis killed in Al-Sahel front

Thirteen members of the Houthi militia were killed by the army forces as they confronted two infiltration attempts south of Hodaiah.

A military source said that the army foiled an infiltration attempt by members of the Houthi militia, east of Al-Jah region in Beit Al-Faqih directorate. The army killed 9 militia members, and 4 others were also killed in an ambush set for the militia in Al-Tahita directorate.

The army thwarts an attack in Qaniya

The army, backed by the popular resistance and coalition aircraft, thwarted an attack by the Houthi militia on the Qaniya front in the north of Al-Bayda governorate. The militia was trying to achieve progress in Qaniya region, but its attempt failed.

In Taiz, the army forces thwarted an attack by the Houthi militia on a number of sites northwest of the city. The militia attack was supported by artillery shelling targeting the air defense camp.

The army surrounds the capital of Al-Jawf governorate

The army forces surrounded the Houthi militia, in the city of Al-Hazm, the capital of Al-Jawf governorate, after liberating a number of military sites of strategic importance.

The acting commander of the 6th Military Region, Maj. Gen. Amin al-Waeli, said that during the past days, the army forces liberated strategic sites in Al-Jawf, including Al-Urouk Al-Swod area that separates the army forces from the city of Al-Hazm.


President: Resorting to arms is unacceptable

President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi stressed that resorting to arms and force to achieve personal gains or regional projects will not be acceptable, and no force, no matter what, can defeat the people.

While heading a meeting with his advisory body and members of the Presidency of the House of Representatives, in the presence of his deputy Lieutenant General Ali Mohsen Saleh and Speaker of the Parliament Sheikh Sultan Al-Barakani and Prime Minister Dr. Maen Abdul Malik, the president stressed, “Our goals are clear, we want a safe and stable federal Yemen, with its people living in a fair state, a state of equality”.

He added, “we have defined an honorable national struggle to end the coup led by the Iranian Houthi militia, restore the state, resume our consensual political path, and achieve a just and comprehensive peace based on the three references represented in the Gulf initiative, the outcomes of the national dialogue, and the UN resolution 2216 and related resolutions”.

He said that legitimacy accepted the Riyadh agreement, and the necessity to implement it fully as stated in the last article therein without selection or fragmentation, because it represents the safe way out to end the causes, manifestations and repercussions of the armed rebellion in the interim capital of Aden, and some of the liberated areas, in a manner that gives priority to supreme national interest, and unifies efforts to confront the Houthi coup. 

Information minister praises the role of the Marib tribes

Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani praised the role of Murad and Bani Abd tribes and all the Marib tribes in the battle to restore the state and bring down the Houthi rebellion backed by Iran.

Al-Eryani said that words fail to give the descendants of the Kings of Sheba, from the tribes of Murad and Bani Abd and all the tribes of Marib, their dues. They stood beside the national army in the battle to confront the Iranian project and its Houthi tool from the first moment, they sacrificed the best of their men and provided martyrs in defense of the national identity, land and dignity.

The government condemns the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

The Yemeni government condemned in the strongest terms the renewed Houthi attacks by drones and ballistic missiles on Saudi cities.

The government spokesman, Rajeh Badi, said that these attacks reveal the reality of these terrorist militias and their allegations of peace and put them at stake in front of regional and international public opinion.

The government affirmed its support for the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its absolute support of the Kingdom’s right to defend itself and confront the Houthi terrorism supported by Iran.


A civilian and his son injured by a landmine

A farmer and his son were seriously injured in a landmine explosion. The landmine was planted by the Houthi militia in Bani Hassan area of ​​Abs directorate of Hajjah governorate.

According to local and medical sources, “A landmine left by the Houthis exploded in the car of Mohamed Shouei Sahili and one of his sons while they were returning from their farm to the house, in the village of Al-Oqdah in the liberated Bani Hassan area, affiliated to Abs directorate.

Dismantling 1185 mines in a week

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center’s anti-land mines project (Masam) has successfully managed to dismantle 1,185 mines and explosive devices during the fourth week of June 2020.

This brings the total number of mines dismantled since the beginning of the project to 171,731 mines implanted by the Houthi coup militia in lands, schools and homes in Yemen. The militia tried to hide them in different forms, colors and methods, which killed and injured a large number of children, women and the elderly.

Orphan support programs continue in a number of governorates

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center continued to implement various humanitarian programs and activities for orphans and their families in various Yemeni governorates, in cooperation with Al-Khair Humanitarian Relief Coalition.

As part of the “Safety Seed” project, the center implemented counseling and social sessions for orphans and their families in the governorates of Marib, Al-Jawf, Sanaa and Al-Bayda, benefiting 50 families and 300 orphans.